The search bar will search all text on all pages; the descriptions, captions, and tiles of images; and all tags attached to an image, whether they are visible on not.

Some hints for searching:

¶ The default search operator is “AND”: if you search for Beaumont Fletcher it will only return results that have both "Beaumont" and "Fletcher." If you want it to return results that have either "Beaumont" or "Fletcher" you will need to search for those terms separately.

¶ Searching will return partial words if there are no hits for full words. If you wanted to search for herbals, and you knew that the word was spelled in a variety of ways in the period, it might be more useful to search for herb so that results for "herball" and "herbalz" also come up.

¶ The flip side to partial word search is that if there are no full matches to your search, you might still get a list of irrelevant results. A quick skim of the first couple of hits, however, should make that clear quickly.

¶ Unfortunately, faceted search is not available. You can try to approximate it by taking advantage of the default AND operator. For example, looking for London quarto will let you browse quartos printed in London. Since tags are included, a search for signature mark Germany will let you examine German examples of signature marks and title page Mexico will return Mexican title pages.